Comfort, savings, productivity

A high-performance building which sacrifices nothing to user well-being. User comfort was a constant objective in the design of Solaris.

Solaris offers a new way of life in the workplace.


Luminaires use low-consumption bulbs.
Better than mere air-conditioning, Solaris enjoys a GreenClim. (Use of thermal inertia and geothermal energy)
An inter-company restaurant and cafeteria give on to the 1,000m2 Texlon-covered indoor garden.
Users are offered a privileged work environment with the accent on comfort and which is conducive to improved productivity.
Two monumental staircases link the fully-lit and fully visible levels of the garden, guaranteeing the pleasant nature of the vertical circulations which will, as a result, be used on foot.
The innovative techniques employed in Solaris are targeting the well-being of the company’s staff.
The building is modular and can house, at will, a day nursery, a porters’ lodge, a gym. In the car parks, battery charging bays are provided for electric cars.

Energy savings

The energy bill is reduced.
Solaris is a Low Energy-Consumption Building.
Thanks to its design and the use of proven techniques, Solaris significantly reduces energy consumption.
Once it has managed to reduce its energy consumption, Solaris exploits renewable energy by drawing on two natural sources: the sun and the earth.
Combining these two systems enables Solaris to offset its energy requirements and make substantial CO2 savings.

A strong image, Participative well-being

The company that opts to have its offices in a Solaris building is making a powerful commitment to reduce its ecological footprint.
This is a strong message to staff and partners alike, a dynamic support to a sustainable strategy.
Each member of staff feels himself developing within a building which is ecologically responsible.
Through his own behaviour, he can improve its performance each day.
Dynamic monitoring of the energy savings achieved can be implemented and serve as a genuine corporate project.

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Positive energy green building concept

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